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UNEP: Net Zero & Carbon Offsets - Beginner Level

Greenhouse gases present a substantial danger to the Earth. These gases capture sunlight in the atmosphere and contribute to a rise in the Earth's temperature, resulting in global warming and climate change. Rising temperatures cause sea level rise, extreme weather conditions, decreased water resources, loss of biodiversity, and reduced agricultural productivity. It is imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a sustainable future. The carbon footprint, a measure to describe greenhouse gas emissions, is directly related to climate change. A higher carbon footprint triggers more greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbates the problem of climate change. Since CO2 constitutes 79% of total greenhouse gas emissions, there is a greater emphasis on reducing CO2 to combat the climate crisis.
In the United Nations Environmental Programme Committee, a conducive environment for delegates will be created to discuss ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, and the concepts of net zero and carbon neutral to ensure sustainability.


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SOCHUM: Soziale Medien und Gesellschaft - Beginner Level

Soziale Medien ist eines der am weitesten verbreiteten Kommunikationsmittel unserer Zeit und hat viele positive und negative Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft. Zu den positiven Aspekten zählen der schnelle und breite Informationsfluss, das Wissen der Menschen über Weltereignisse und ihre Fähigkeit, einfach zu kommunizieren aber diese Plattformen können auch die Privatsphäre gefährden und negative Verhaltensweisen wie Cybermobbing auslösen. Darüber hinaus kann der kontinuierliche Gebrauch süchtig machen und sowohl die körperliche als auch die Mentale Gesundheit negativ beeinflussen. Außerdem können soziale Medien zu Zeitmanagementproblemen führen und Menschen von der realen Welt abschneiden und ein Gefühl der Einsamkeit erzeugen.
In diesem Sozialen, Humanitären und Kulturellen Komitee wird der komplexe Einfluss von Social Media auf die Gesellschaft diskutiert.

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UNOOSA: Space Exploration and Space Debris Management - Beginner/Intermediate Level

As technology is always improving, space exploration operations are steadily increasing. However, alongside the benefits that these explorations brought, it is essential to draw attention to the issue of space debris that these operations caused. Space debris is the outcome of old satellite components, rocket stages, etc. This situation threatens the sustainability of space research and can have severe consequences. Therefore, Solutions for space debris management need to be developed for tracking, cleaning up debris, and making future space activities more sustainable. Efforts should be made to work on topics such as space vehicles based on clean energy sources, sustainable fuel options, and efficient space debris monitoring.
Lately, space research is being discussed in the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs Committee to consider the contributions that states can provide in the field of space science.

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OIC: Arab Israeli Wars/ Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Intermediate Level

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is a major international organization that fosters cooperation among Islamic countries in politics, economics, and various other matters. The Israel-Arab Wars represent pivotal moments in the mid-20th century that deeply affected the establishment of Israel and the political landscape in the Middle East. These wars, arising from territorial disputes with their Arab neighbors, emerged after Israel declared its independence in 1948. In October 2023, the Israel-Palestine conflict came to the forefront once again, as a result of longstanding tensions and territorial disputes. This recent conflict symbolizes the escalation of tension between Israel and Palestine, underscoring the need for greater international efforts to achieve peace and stability. Putting an end to such conflicts and establishing long-term peace is of critical importance for ensuring stability in the region.
In the Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, delegates will work to address the issues outlined in the committee's agenda, such as diplomatic, economic, military, and political assistance in past and present wars, by organizing their efforts based on shared values to achieve the best possible outcomes.


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UNSC: Catalan Revolt - Intermediate Level

The Catalan Revolt refers to a series of events associated with independence demands in Catalonia. In 2017, the Catalan Autonomous Government held an independence referendum organized by the Spanish government. This referendum aimed to measure whether the Catalans supported independence. However, the Spanish government declared the referendum illegal and did not recognize its results. Following this event, the Catalan government declared independence, which was not accepted by the Spanish government. This process led to protest demonstrations in Barcelona and other Catalan cities, with incidents of violence occurring.
As a result, the Catalan Independence Movement represents a complex and contentious period related to Catalonia's independence aspirations. This political conflict between the Spanish government and the Catalan government has garnered national and international attention, sparking debates. The Catalan Revolt is being presented to delegates as an issue that needs to be resolved in the United Nations Security Council.

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F-JCC: The New Order - Advanced Level

World War II ended with the Großdeutsches Reich dominating all of Europe. France and Great Britain are German puppet states. After The Great War, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics turned into several dozen competing, fragmented states ruled by lords. The United States is under joint attack of the Empire of Japan and nuclear-armed Nazi Germany. The Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) have such power that they are taking confident steps towards reshaping the Eurasian continent as they please by fully adopting the Atlantropa Plan. During this period called the "New Order", dark clouds settled over the world. So did the Nazi victory extinguish all the rays of hope in the world? Or was it time to believe in phoenixes?

This Joint Crisis Committee simulation revolves around reenacting the historically significant World War II under different circumstances. Delegates in this committee are divided into two cabinets (German and Russian cabinets) and are tasked with making appropriate moves in response to the crises and situations presented.

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Tarihi Kriz Komitesi Sivas Kongresi - İleri Düzey

Sivas Kongresi ya da Kurultayı Mustafa Kemal'in Amasya Genelgesi'ni açıkladıktan sonra I. Dünya Savaşı'nın ardından işgale uğrayan Türk topraklarını kurtarmak ve Türk milletinin bağımsızlığını sağlamak amacıyla seçilmiş temsilcilerin Sivas'ta toplanmasıyla, 4 Eylül 1919 - 11 Eylül 1919 tarihleri arasında gerçekleşen ulusal nitelikte bir kongredir. Sivas Kongresi'nde alınan kararlar, öncesinde gerçekleştirilen Erzurum Kongresi kararlarını genişleterek ulusal bir nitelik kazandırmış ve yeni bir Türk Devleti'ne temel olmuştur; dolayısıyla Sivas Kongresi'nin Türkiye Cumhuriyeti tarihindeki önemi büyüktür. 
Bu Tarihi Kriz Komitesi’nde delege kongre üyelerinin izleyeceği yollar ile Sivas Kongresi yeniden canlandırılarak Türk tarihindeki önemli kararlara ulaşılacaktır.

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